Clay Moise
School Board District 4

About Clay

“The value of public education is very personal to me.  I dropped out of LSU and worked in the local shipbuilding industry as a marine design draftsman.  I married an educator and got a great job at Textron Marine and Land Systems.  Encouraged by my wife, I attended UNO at night and earned a degree in management.  That led to promotions, another degree and more promotions.  I finally earned an MBA and was ultimately promoted to division leadership.  All or our children deserve an opportunity to achieve their full potential.  Education is foundational to that.” – Clay Moise

Clay Moïse is now a seasoned business executive with more than 40 years’ experience in operational and financial management. During his two decades in aerospace manufacturing with Textron Marine and Land Systems, Clay oversaw an operation with more than 1200 employees and a budget nearly the size of the entire Jefferson Parish school system. After starting as a draftsman, from the production floor to the boardroom, Clay learned how to actively listen to others and successfully work together towards a common objective. He has the managerial experience needed to navigate bureaucracy, solve complex problems, and implement positive change. Clay will bring financial discipline to the school system and will make the most efficient and effective use of the resources available.

For more than 30 years, Clay has been married to a lifelong elementary and special education teacher—one who exemplifies the passion and dedication of educators across our parish, but who has also seen the challenges of our public school system.

Clay’s desire to improve Jefferson Parish’s public school system is very personal. The proud father of five and grandfather of two with two more on the way, Clay understands that a high-performing public school system is crucial for attracting young families and keeping our community safe and economically viable. He also knows how education has changed his life, and he is passionate that all children deserve that opportunity for success.

Clay and his wife Michelle with one of their grandchildren Aya.
Clay and his wife Michelle with one of their grandchildren Aya.

Clay and his wife Michelle with one of their grandchildren Aya.


HILLCREST, INC—January 2008
Present – President – Principal Consultant

DANOS—January 2012 – August 2015
Division Manager, Coatings

CONTROL SOLUTIONS, LLC—May 2009 – December 2011
Chief Executive Officer

TEXTRON INC.—September 1985 – December 2007

TEXTRON MARINE AND LAND SYSTEMS—August 2005 – December 2007
Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Planning

TEXTRON SYSTEMS—February 2001 – August 2005
Vice President, Marine & Combat Vehicles

TEXTRON MARINE AND LAND SYSTEMS—August 1998 – February 2001
Vice President, Business Development and Engineering


University of New Orleans, Awarded University Honors

B.S., Marketing
University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana

B.S., Management
University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana